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Autumn work session 2016

We are almost ready to put our allotment to bed, with the work sessions taking place this weekend Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November, and the proceeding week to Friday 11th November. We hope you will all do your best to come to any of the convenient times we have suggested., and do your bit to see our site is left in good order for the winter months ahead. I will have Work Sheets laid out on the table with a list of what needs to be done if there are no committee members around to guide you, but if you see a job not listed that needs doing please go ahead with it also. There will be separate information sheets for specific jobs, but it is all very straighforward.
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Spring work session 2016

Next weekend is our yearly Spring Work Session. It will take place on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th April between 11am and 3pm. These are pop in sessions, so even if you can only come for an hour or two on either day, that would be helpful. It is the start of the season for us and we need to get the site put into a decent order to start our planting year. It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain the site, so do try to come even if for a short time.

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