Spring work session 2016

Next weekend is our yearly Spring Work Session. It will take place on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th April between 11am and 3pm. These are pop in sessions, so even if you can only come for an hour or two on either day, that would be helpful. It is the start of the season for us and we need to get the site put into a decent order to start our planting year. It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain the site, so do try to come even if for a short time.

Polytunnel Space

If you haven’t registered for space in the polytunnel this year, then time is running out. A list will be published next weekend of those plot holders who have declared an interest in using the polytunnel. Please e-mail as soon as possible, if you haven’t yet got round to it. Next weekend the polytunnel will be open for business for those listed.

Plot Reviews

We will be reviewing the plots at the end of the month. If you are having problems with your plot, please let us know.

Our Overgrown Land

You may have noticed that some work has been done on our overgrown land this week. We are grateful to some Northumbrian Water volunteers who came onto the site last Tuesday, and worked in terrible weather conditions to hand clear some of the untamed area. We have lots of debris to dispose of and some work to do on the land before it is habitable. If you bring children to the site, please don’t let them wander into the area in case of hidden dangers.

Plot Numbers

You have only until the end of the month to get your plot numbered. The number stakes are still in the Community Shed. As an incentive there is a £10 voucher on offer for the best one

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