Polytunnel Space

We have decided to change the system that operated in the polytunnel in 2015 because we felt it didn’t work very well. After the saturation of plants in 2014 in the polytunnel, we settled on what we thought was a fairer system where each plot was allocated their own space. However, last year we found that the polytunnel was very under used.

Here is our new system, which we hope you agree with. It will give those really keen to grow plants in the polytunnel, much more space.

  • If you wish to have space in the polytunnel, please e-mail me Before the 23rd April
  • Once I have a list of all those interested, we will divide the polytunnel up between those that have applied
  • We will keep a little space back in case of emergencies
  • Each plotholders plants will be all grouped together and not scattered around
  • All plants must be labelled with either plot numbers or names, so we know who you are

We hope you approve of this, and we will keep monitoring the situation to ensure that we are making the best use of the polytunnel for everyones benefit.

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